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Sunset blues

Sunset blues outfit for Sybarite dolls by Koroleva Couture, includes:

Low-neck coat with draped puffed sleeves and skirt with tails, made of fine denim with a blue metallic coating from Cavalli fabrics collection.
Sheath-dress of deep blue natural silk dupioni with push-up bodice, accentuating the bosom.
Short corset of silk dupioni as well, decorated with French chantilly-lace and embroidery with beads of different color and size. The corset emphasizes the waist perfectly and may be used both as a beautiful accessory complementing the dress and a luscious lingerie item.
Model - Peep Sybarite doll by Superfrock.

Наряд Sunset blues для кукол Сибарит. Включает:

Жакет из металлизированной джинсы Cavalli. Платье футляр из натурального шелка дюпон.
Корсет украшенный кружевом и вышивкой бисером, пайетками и стеклярусом.
Модель - кукла Сибарит, PEEP Sybarite doll by Superfrock, 2009 Paris Fashion Doll Festival Excl.
Апрель 2011.
sybarite peep, superfrock, сибаритки

peep, sybarite doll, superfrock

koroleva couture, sybarite peep, сибаритки

sybarite outfit, peep, koroleva couture

sybarite outfit, peep

куклы сибарит, koroleva couture, sybarite

sybarite peep, outfit for sybarite, superdoll

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