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Костюм для кукол Sybarite, выполнено в единственном экземпляре, повторяться не будет.
Используемые материалы - натуральный шелк, бархат, атласные ленты, кружева, акриловые краски, кристаллы Swarovski - 144 штуки, бисер. Подробнее о процессе создание в разделе Мастер класс.
Модель - Queen B, Sybarite doll.

OOAK Fashion for Sybarite doll.
Material - natural silk, velvet, satin ribbons, lace, 144 Swarovski Crystals, beads. More info and details read in my blog >>>

Queen B, sybarite doll

OOAK fashion, sybarite doll

Queen B, couture for doll

sybarite, couture for doll

couture for doll, sybarite doll

Queen B, sybarite doll, superfrock

Одежда для кукол, outfit for sybarite doll

queen b, sybarite

Irina Koroleva couture

Queen B, Irina Koroleva couture

Fasion for Sybarite doll, superfrock

Fasion for Sybarite doll, одежда для кукол

Rob Thompson (Robs Dolls) about this work: Wow… This fashion is runway perfection. I love the use of ribbon to make a cage, what a great play on contrast. The dress underneath is beautiful, I especially love the play with volume in the sleeves, and the applied flowers. You have taken a dress that would by itself, unadorned, be a fantastic piece for the RTW line, and made it fashion forward, edgy and Avant Garde with the addition of the ribbon cage, flowers and the corset. I like the handmade boots; they tie in and finish the fashion beautifully. Well constructed and just beautiful. Job well done!

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Queen B, sybarite doll boot for sybarite doll, обувь для кукол одежда для кукол, мастер класс

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